Our Philosophy & Style

kitanim was founded on the philosophy that flowers have the magical ability to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary experience.  elegance is the statement kitanim strives to create.  using monochromatic tones and a lot of texture, kitanim florals are bold in color, design, and style. utilizing the design principle of playful opposition, bold textures juxtaposed to harmonious hues create a stunning sight.

kitanim imports florals from all over the world and simultaneously sources locally florida grown products in order to provide clients with stunning and extremely fresh flowers.  each arrangement is crafted to surpass a client’s expectations.  the same pristine attention to detail that applies to our floral arrangements also applies to our clients.  at kitanim, we strive to create positive relationships with our clients; we want to know your story — why you are sending gorgeous flowers, who you are sending those gorgeous flowers to, how you proposed, and why yellow is her favorite color.  it is this attention to detail that helps us to tell your story with our flowers. we really do take the time to listen and care, and for those reasons, we have created a following of loyal clients.